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Maison Julien Gracq

The salt storehouse – public reception

The main lines of the project were inspired by Julien Gracq’s own identity : Gracq as Writer, Gracq as Geographer and Gracq as Teacher.

The Maison Julien Gracq’s literary and artistic project is about contemporary literature ; french languages around the world ; landscape ; and the transmission of personal, professional, and cultural knowledge from one generation onto the next.

The Maison Julien Gracq is located on the banks of the Loire river, on the north edge of Mauges, Pays de la Loire. All types of visitors are welcome for a visit : passers-by, amateurs and neophytes as well as scholars.

The library in the Salt Granary, detail

The Salt Granary, open to the public since July 2014, comprises :

  • The Map Room (La Chambre des cartes), on the ground floor. As suggested by the name, visitors will find in this room a beautiful collection of ancient and modern maps, linked to Julien Gracq’s work and perfect for stimulating imagination. It is also the place where exhibitions take place (please check our Agenda section above to know more about the different cultural events we organize).
  • The Remarkable Library (La Bibliothèque remarquable) where 90 people can be welcome in the case of an event. The library is, above all, a reading and working place. Trainings, research groups, reading and writing workshops are also organized here, as well as meetings between writers and the public, debates and concerts. It is connected to Angers’s University Library.

The Remarkable Library was a unique project at the time of its conception and has been open to the public since october, 2017.
Visitors can freely browse through our 4 collections :
- the Blue Collection (Fonds Bleu) : books written by or about Julien Gracq, and translations in several languages ;
- the White Collection (Fonds Blanc) : books found in Louis Poirier’s (Julien Gracq) house at the time of his death ;
- the Yellow Collection (Fonds Jaune) : the Maison’s acquisitions and donations, books by former residents ;
- the Red Collection (Fonds Rouge) : for this particular collection, a number of Great Readers (francophone writers and artists...) have been asked to give a list of 5 to 10 books they would like to find in an ideal library.

Let yourself wander on the steps of Julien Gracq.

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